CHOP Research Institute

Center for Applied Genomics

Today's Research Becomes Tomorrows Cure

Private funding, which is driven by big-picture science, fosters creativity and risk-taking. At CAG, we rely heavily upon private support, and continue to take a bold approach to understanding and treating the most debilitating childhood diseases.

We have recently embarked upon an ambitious fund-raising initiative that will help support more than 50 active research projects currently underway at CAG.

This drive stems from developments in genomic technology that afford an unprecedented opportunity to identify the causes of neurological and psychiatric disorders, childhood cancers, infectious disease, and a large number of rare diseases.

As custodians of the largest pediatric biobank in the world, and the only pediatric center with genome-sequencing technology on a large scale, we are uniquely equipped to develop targeted treatments for these diseases.

We hope to begin clinical trials on treatments for ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, lethal infectious disease, and numerous other disorders over the next 24 months.

These will build upon our notable successes in autism research, recently listed in Time magazine’s annual Top 10 Medical Breakthroughs.

To fully capitalize on this extraordinary research and clinical environment, we are dependent upon private donations, which support the work of CAG scientists devoted to eradicating the most serious childhood diseases.

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