Children who are treated at the Children's Hospital Healthcare Network and their parents may be eligible to take part in a major initiative to collect more than 100,000 blood samples.
The children who take part in the study are joining an effort to better understand the causes of complex pediatric disorders. By comparing children who have medical conditions with those who don’t, the Center may be able to determine which genes are responsible for these conditions and begin working on new treatment approaches. The Center will also search for genes that determine which drugs are most likely to work for an individual patient in order optimize the benefits and minimize any side effects from the drugs.
Children under 18 years of age need permission from their parents to take part in the study. Taking part requires 15 to 30 minutes of time. You would need to let study staff collect a one teaspoon-sized blood sample from your child. Whenever possible, this sample will be taken at the same time as a scheduled blood test for routine purposes – so it will not require another needle stick. Parents who decide to take part would need to let study staff collect one blood sample from them as well.
The FAQs section contains more information on what participation involves.