The Center for Applied Genomics has an experienced team of researchers analyzing the immense amount of data generated from our high-throughput facility. We have expertise in carrying out large scale NGS, GWAS, CNV, and methylation studies. Currently at CAG, there are 60+ active disease projects, both internal and collaborative. We are collaborating with investigators at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania, as well as with international investigators from Croatia, United Kingdom, Denmark and Canada, making our genotyping an international endeavor.

In order to support all data generation, storage, analysis and bioinformatics activities associated with the Center's activities, CAG uses a highly robust and secure system to manage its own data warehousing and analysis needs. Our infrastructure is tailored to support additional hardware dedicated to the biorepository consortium. CAG has taken advantage of this to establish and host a secure, web-enabled server that allows external parties to access the facilities, but is otherwise invisible to all other internet users. This groupware server enjoys the same protection as all other CAG systems, including environmental control in a Tier 3 rated professional hosting facility, 24/7 monitoring, robust TSM based data backup scheme, at least 2x hardware and data redundancy, and support from CAG IT with IBM, RedHat, Microsoft, Cisco and Fortigate certified engineers. This highly flexible, fast, and secure system provides all external users with high-quality documentation to their needs. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are prepared and implemented for all new workflows with new customers. All data and results are shared according to the data sharing policy agreements between the CAG and external parties.