Kexiang Xu, Head of Biorepository

Kexiang joined CAG in March, 2011. She has been responsible for a range of functions in our wet lab, including PBMC isolation, EBV transformation, cell culture, and bisulfite methylation. She was also heavily involved in establishing the BGI@CHOP next-generation sequencing (NGS) lab, transforming it from an empty space to a fully-functional facility, implementing a range of worksheet and protocols for libraries preparation and process. She has worked as the Manager of the NGS Lab with preparation through Caliper Sciclone. At present, Kexiang works at our Illumina Genotyping lab.

She holds a Bachelor’s Degree of Science with a major in Biology from the University of Zhejiang in China, and has 5 years laboratory manager experience. In total, Kexiang has17 years of research experience, including 3 years as NGS manager, 2 years as lab manager in Tissue Microfabrication, 6 years’ drosophila neuroscience experience, 3.5 years in Plant Molecular Genetics and 2.5 years in Microbiology Pharmaceuticals.


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