Cuiping Hou, Assistant Lab Manager, Affymetrix

Cuiping is a senior research associate and Affymetrix manager at CAG. She has been at CAG since May, 2006, having transitioned from the John Maris Lab, also at CHOP. She oversees all Affymetrix Lab workflows and conducts microarray genotyping for a range of human disease research projects, including SNP genotyping; molecular cytogenetics; CytoScan; resequencing, and gene expression. She is also responsible for Sanger Sequencing validation, and partial GWA and CNV analyses.

Before joining CAG, she was a senior computer engineer in China. She was subsequently a research assistant at the HLA Lab in the Center for Blood Research at Harvard University, and then again at the DNA diagnosis lab at the Center for Human Genetics at Boston University; The Center for Psychiatric Genetics in Northwestern University and the Maris’ lab in CHOP (since June, 2001). She mastered human molecular genetics through decades of clinical and lab experience, and has become adept in Illumina, Affymetrix, TaqMan, DNA banking, functional genetics, cell culture, and next generation sequencing.

She has published more than forty papers in high impact journals, including Nature (7); Nature Genetics (4); NEJM (2); AJHG (5) and others. She has extensive training in computer programming, and received her B.S in computational mathematics from The Northwestern University, Xi’An, China.


CAG Publications*

*(Please note that publications are updated intermittently and may not be completely up-to-date)

Genome-wide association study of serum minerals levels in children of different ethnic background.
Chang X, Li J, Guo Y, Wei Z, Mentch FD, Hou C, Zhao Y, Qiu H, Kim C, Sleiman PM, Hakonarson H.
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Rare variants at 16p11.2 are associated with common variable immunodeficiency.
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Erratum to: AGC1 Deficiency Causes Infantile Epilepsy, Abnormal Myelination, and Reduced N-Acetylaspartate.
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Autosomal dominant hypoparathyroidism caused by germline mutation in GNA11: phenotypic and molecular characterization.
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AGC1 Deficiency Causes Infantile Epilepsy, Abnormal Myelination, and Reduced N-Acetylaspartate.
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Whole-genome DNA/RNA sequencing identifies truncating mutations in RBCK1 in a novel Mendelian disease with neuromuscular and cardiac involvement.
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A missense mutation in ANKRD26 segregates with thrombocytopenia.
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Blood. 2013 Jul 18;122(3):461-2. doi: 10.1182/blood-2013-03-489344. No abstract available.

Proteomics screen to reveal molecular changes mediated by C722G missense mutation in CHRM2 gene.
Hou D, Chen Y, Liu J, Xu L, Zhang Z, Zhang J, Wang H, Wang X, Chen J, Zhao R, Hu A, Hakonarson H, Zhang L, Shen Y.
J Proteomics. 2013 Aug 26;89:39-50. doi: 10.1016/j.jprot.2013.05.027. Epub 2013 Jun 4.

Mutations in PDGFRB cause autosomal-dominant infantile myofibromatosis.
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Whole-genome sequencing in an autism multiplex family.
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Mol Autism. 2013 Apr 18;4(1):8. doi: 10.1186/2040-2392-4-8.

The missense variation landscape of FTO, MC4R, and TMEM18 in obese children of African Ancestry.
Deliard S, Panossian S, Mentch FD, Kim CE, Hou C, Frackelton EC, Bradfield JP, Glessner JT, Zhang H, Wang K, Sleiman PM, Chiavacci RM, Berkowitz RI, Hakonarson H, Zhao J, Grant SF.
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GWAS of blood cell traits identifies novel associated loci and epistatic interactions in Caucasian and African-American children.
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Common variation at 6q16 within HACE1 and LIN28B influences susceptibility to neuroblastoma.
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Common variation at BARD1 results in the expression of an oncogenic isoform that influences neuroblastoma susceptibility and oncogenicity.
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Genome-wide copy number variation study associates metabotropic glutamate receptor gene networks with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.
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Genome-wide association identifies diverse causes of common variable immunodeficiency.
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Integrative genomics identifies LMO1 as a neuroblastoma oncogene.
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The role of height-associated loci identified in genome wide association studies in the determination of pediatric stature.
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Strong synaptic transmission impact by copy number variations in schizophrenia.
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Comparative genetic analysis of inflammatory bowel disease and type 1 diabetes implicates multiple loci with opposite effects.
Wang K, Baldassano R, Zhang H, Qu HQ, Imielinski M, Kugathasan S, Annese V, Dubinsky M, Rotter JI, Russell RK, Bradfield JP, Sleiman PM, Glessner JT, Walters T, Hou C, Kim C, Frackelton EC, Garris M, Doran J, Romano C, Catassi C, Van Limbergen J, et al.
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Variants of DENND1B associated with asthma in children.
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Examination of all type 2 diabetes GWAS loci reveals HHEX-IDE as a locus influencing pediatric BMI.
Zhao J, Bradfield JP, Zhang H, Annaiah K, Wang K, Kim CE, Glessner JT, Frackelton EC, Otieno FG, Doran J, Thomas KA, Garris M, Hou C, Chiavacci RM, Li M, Berkowitz RI, Hakonarson H, Grant SF.
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Common variants at five new loci associated with early-onset inflammatory bowel disease.
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From disease association to risk assessment: an optimistic view from genome-wide association studies on type 1 diabetes.
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Examination of type 2 diabetes loci implicates CDKAL1 as a birth weight gene.
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Copy number variation at 1q21.1 associated with neuroblastoma.
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Common variations in BARD1 influence susceptibility to high-risk neuroblastoma.
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Common genetic variants on 5p14.1 associate with autism spectrum disorders.
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Diverse genome-wide association studies associate the IL12/IL23 pathway with Crohn Disease.
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Chromosome 6p22 locus associated with clinically aggressive neuroblastoma.
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