Lifeng Tian, PhD, Bioinformatics Specialist

In 2010, Lifeng Tian joined the Center for Applied Genomics as a Bioinformatics Scientist. His current research focuses on 1) Building bioinformatics pipelines for next-generation sequencing data analysis; 2) Leading the whole exome sequencing project and addressing the analytical needs of the projects; 3) Performing data analysis of whole exome sequencing of Mendelian disorders, transcriptome analysis using RNA-seq.

He received his Ph.D. in computational biochemistry from the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia in 2007. He joined the Rosetta Inpharmatics/Merck Research Lab in 2007, working on cancer biomarker identification by gene expression profiling. In 2008, he left Rosetta and started his postdoc training in Human Genetics at the University of Pennsylvania, focusing on experimental studies of the etiology of the age-related macular degeneration.


Key Publications

Shape signatures: a new approach to computer-aided ligand- and receptor-based drug design.
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Genomics. 2015 May;105(5-6):253-64. doi: 10.1016/j.ygeno.2015.01.008. Epub 2015 Jan 31..

Other CAG Publications

An atypical form of AOA2 with myoclonus associated with mutations in SETX and AFG3L2.
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Advantage of Whole Exome Sequencing over Allele-specific and Targeted Segment Sequencing, in Detection of Novel TULP1 Mutation in Leber Congenital Amaurosis.
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