The clinical interview with you/your takes about two hours with a trained research specialist. The interviewer will ask questions about personal life experiences including social, educational, occupational, family and other behaviors.

After the interview, you/your child will be seated in front of a computer and will get instructions on how to use the computer. After some practice you/they will be given a computerized neurocognitive test battery (CNB) that includes memory and puzzle-like problems to solve. The computer will record the answers. The CNB will take about 1 hour to complete.

There is an additional component to this research involving a neuroimaging study at Penn (see below). You/your child will be asked to sign additional consent forms for this study if you are interested in it and invited to participate.

Please note, interviews may be audiotaped for staff training and to be sure all interviews are being given in a standard way. The recordings will be kept in encrypted digital file format on our secure computer servers until this study is closed, at which point they will be destroyed. All recordings and study information will be kept anonymous (identified by code, not your name) and confidential, unless we are required by law to release them. You can ask for recordings to be destroyed at any time by writing to us. (Recordings can be destroyed because they are made for research purposes and do not become part of any medical record.)

Boy At Laptop